About the Oracle at Mushin

✨🔮About the Oracle at Mushin 🔮✨

May this find you well, I’m Ross, The Oracle at Mushin. If you are looking for an ACCURATE, HONEST, STRAIGHTFORWARD and DETAILED reader, I am the one for you.

My spiritual awakening was birthed from chaotic life experiences. Those experiences led to the complete destruction of an old way of life and led to my current incarnation. I have lived many lives in this life and died many deaths.

I am a relationship problem solver who is able to illuminate answers to your most challenging questions whether they are in regards to love, career or spirituality. I have experience with Mediumship, Psychic Abilities and Tarot reading. I can help you overcome any obstacle confidently. Every reading I offer is packed with information for your highest good and explained in a down to earth way. The Mysteries of the universe reveal themselves to those wise in the ways.

✨🔮Contact me today for a reading. 🔮✨

✨🌟🔮The answer to each question will be between 1 – 3 sentences.🔮🌟✨

✨🌟🔮You will also receive a summary of the reading.🌟✨

🌟Readings will be processed between 🌟
Monday-Saturday: 9 am-6 pm EST
Sunday: CLOSED

While we strive to get our readings back within a 24 time period please allow up to 48 hours unless you purchase a rush delivery.


How are Readings offered?

💵Standard readings are offered through email or Facebook Messenger.

💰Premium live video or text readings through Facebook Messenger or Zoom.

How will I receive my reading?

💵Standard readings

  • Email – Your reading will be sent to the email address you use when checking out.


  • Facebook Messenger – After purchasing your reading contact me via messenger.

🌟With the exception of live readings, you will receive a pdf file. 🌟

💰Premium live reading ( text or video)

  1. FB Messenger – After purchasing your reading please schedule a time here.  Then message me on facebook.
  2. Zoom – After purchasing your reading please schedule a time here.  You will receive an email with a zoom link.

🌟With the exception of live readings, you will receive a pdf file. 🌟

What information do you need?

  • The less information the better. Your first name and the name of the person or people in question.
  • The readings and spreads are created to answer specific questions. Please purchase accordingly.
  • If you would like to modify or ask specific questions please purchase one of our Made to Order readings.

Follow up Questions?

I strive to make these readings as concise and easily understood as possible. Sometimes there might be a communication barrier.

You are allowed 🌟ONE 🌟 follow up question per reading.

  • Follow up questions must pertain to clarifying the original questions.
  • If the reading stirs up new questions I can direct you towards another reading that can resolve them.