How are the readings offered?

💵Standard readings are offered through email or Facebook Messenger.

💰Premium live video or text readings through Facebook Messenger or Zoom.

How will I receive my reading?

💵Standard readings

  • Email – Your reading will be sent to the email address you use when checking out.


  • Facebook Messenger – After purchasing your reading contact me via messenger.

🌟With the exception of live readings, you will receive a pdf file. 🌟(sample)

💰Premium live reading ( text or video)

  1. FB Messenger – After purchasing your reading please schedule a time here.  Then message me on facebook.
  2. Zoom – After purchasing your reading please schedule a time here.  You will receive an email with a zoom link.

What information do you need?

  • The less information the better. Your first name and the name of the person or people in question.
  • The readings and spreads are created to answer specific questions. Please purchase accordingly.
  • If you would like to modify or ask specific questions please purchase one of our Made to Order readings.

Follow up Questions?

I strive to make these readings as concise and easily understood as possible. Sometimes there might be a communication barrier.

You are allowed 🌟ONE 🌟 follow up question per reading.

  • Follow up questions must pertain to clarifying the original questions.
  • If the reading stirs up new questions I can direct you towards another reading that can resolve them.
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