How do tarot cards work?

Have you ever asked yourself, how do tarot cards work? I did. When I began to use tarot I was skeptical in the traditional sense of the word. Early on into my use of tarot cards it became evident that there was something to their use, it wasn’t all inflated claims. In fact the more I worked with them the more impressed I became. This is due to the fact that tarot works on two different levels. They function on a psychologically sound level and also a deeper metaphysical level. Let’s begin with the practical and work towards abstract.

How do tarot cards work? – a psychological perspective

Many people either believe tarot to be utter nonsense or understand there is some rational reason behind its functionality. In my honest experience the general mechanism behind it’s use is quite mundane. Notably tarot is built on archetypes.

An archetype is something that speaks to the very basic facts of being a human. As a result all the cards are relatable to most people. In case a more common meaning doesn’t apply a secondary meaning is more than likely going to hit the mark. Nevertheless there is also some inexplicable element to tarot.

How do tarot cards work? – a metaphysical perspective

Being that I’ve easily given over 500 tarot readings at a low estimate I have some personal experiences that defy logic. While archetypes can account for the accuracy of the information shared, they can’t account for all of it. Some readings are accurate to a degree of spooky precision. To me this is caused by some kind of cosmic consciousness attempting to aide us.


Do tarot cards work? In my experience, yes, they work without a doubt. Their accuracy is based on two different mechanism. First of all, the cards are imprinted with information that is relatable to human condition, as a whole. Secondly, there is some unknown force operating to make the readings more personal. Maybe a better question would be “when don’t tarot cards work?”.

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