How does magic work?

Have you ever wondered how does magic work?  You aren’t alone, most people have likely asked this exact same question at least once in their lives. To answer this questions it’s important that we know what magic is.  In a previous post, what is magic?, I do my best to give you a working defintion for the sake of this site.  If you’ve read that post or are feeling rebelious let’s move on.

How does magic work?

I’ve found magic to work on two different levels of functionality.  The first level of fuctionality we can call scientific functionality because there is scientific evidence that supports how it works.  The next level of functionality we can call inexplicable functionality because there is no rational explination for how it works. To get a clearer understanding of the distinction we can look at a few examples of each.

Scientific funcitonality

  • The placebo effect – it works because we believe it will work
  • Probability – it works because we stick with it till it works
  • Perceptional Shifts – When we change how we perceive situations we can get different results

Inexplicable functionality

  • Law of Attraction – We attract what we belive
  • Syncronicity – Meaningful coincidences occur
  • Manifestation – Things you believe occur

Two Magical failsafes

There are two intersting factors that seem to safe gaurd the actual functionality of magic as well, one is belief itself.  Similar to Peter Pan telling the darling family they needed to believe they can fly a certain level of belief is required for it to work.  On my own journey I approached my early exploration with a level of skepticism where I suspended both my disbelief and my belief.  In my experience suspended your disbelief and allowing the evidence to support itself can get your feet off the ground. If you’re a muggle trying to use objective reasoning, I’m sorry to say, your grounded.

The second magical failsafe would be actually attempting to explain the extraordinary elements of magic.  This has two traps that one can fall into.  The first trap is really believing you understand something you don’t. As a result of this trap the operating force will likely increase in unpredictability of results to a point where belief is shaken all together.  The second and possibly more imporatnt of the two traps within this failsafe is explicitly explaining how something works.  Thankfully magic is slippery and not easily explianed but rather experienced.

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