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Are you seeking balance in your life? This tarot spread can help you find it.

This reading will answer the following questions.

1) Where am I not putting in enough energy?

2) Where am I putting in too much energy?

3) What will aid in finding balance?

4) The outcome of achieving balance

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Balance is something most of us strive for but it often eludes us. 

Let’s face it, the world can be a hectic place and most of our lives are demanding.¬† It’s easy to lose sight of what we need to focus our energy on and where we could be spending a little too much time.¬† While some may lose hope in finding equilibrium in their lives not all of us are so ready to give up.¬†¬†The purpose of this reading is to help you determine a better way to find balance in your life.¬† While it can’t be said that this will solve your issues outright it can offer you a blueprint for stability.¬† What is more important than this reading itself is how you receive the information provided and the action you take with that knowledge.¬† ¬†Here is some further explanation¬†of this spread.

Explaining the balance spread

1) Where am I not putting in enough energy?

First of all, this reading will focus on is finding out where you need to put more energy. While it is probably going to be a little unpleasant it is necessary in order to allow yourself to move more into alignment.

2) Where am I putting in too much energy?

Next, we will examine where you are over putting too much energy.  This is useful in helping you step back from areas of your life that may not need as much attention.

3) What will aid in finding balance?

Another way this reading can help is by examining what will aid you in your quest. Due to the difficulty of the task at hand, direction towards aid is incredibly useful.

4) The outcome of achieving balance?

Finally, we will explore what your life will feel like when you achieve your goal. Above all, we have to stay mindful that maintaining balance takes ample work as well.

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Balance – Tarot Reading


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