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Are you an empath who is searching for better ways to handle your gift? This reading will offer insight into how YOU, can better live with your gift.

This reading will tell you the following.

1) How to clear the negative energy you are confronting.

2) How to protect yourself.

3) How to ground yourself.

4) How to raise your vibration.

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Empathic healing can be necessary for those of us learning to process emotions.

At the present time, the term empath is used heavily.  While we often hear about the issues empaths face we rarely hear workable solutions.  Empathic healing is an option available to empaths. Whenever we empaths engage with people we run the risk of assimilating their psychic toxins.  Eventually, the unaddressed exposure to issues of others can wreak havoc on our energetic fields. Sooner or later those untreated psychic scraps we have accumulated will impact us in less than pleasant ways.  Similar to traditional healing, prevention is the best medicine.  In order to prevent issues in the future, we first must deal with the issues we are carrying now. Despite our best efforts occasionally we will need some outside help to walk us through our healing.

Explaining the empathic healing spread

1) How to clear the negative energy you are confronting.

One of the most important things we can learn as empaths is to clear the negative energy surrounding us.  While this may come naturally to us, sometimes we have to think outside the box.

2) How to protect yourself.

Next, we should seek out how we can protect ourselves from the lower vibes of others.  Since we likely can’t avoid exposure altogether learning how to interact with others is critical.

3) How to ground yourself.

After we have established some of the previously mentioned work we can begin to ground ourselves. When a solid foundation is established we are not shaken by every little breeze.

4) How to raise your vibration.

Prior to dealing with the previously mentioned items any attempt at this would be thwarted.  Now that we have cleared away obstructions to our ascension, we can begin to rise.

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