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Are you questioning your relationship and seeking some insight? This reading can help expose ideas you might be resistant to seeing.

This reading will tell you the following.

1) This person’s purpose in my life.

2) Strength as a team.

3) Challenges as a team.

4) Underlying issues.

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Evaluating a relationship can be overwhelming.

First of all, relationships aren’t limited to romance.¬†In reality, every interaction we have with others is¬†some form¬†of relationship.¬† It’s important that we pay attention to the relationships¬†we are involved in. After all, we are the 5 people we see the most. Learning to recognize blocks to healthy relationships is crucial in our ability to function in society. For this reason, the need to evaluate our relationships regularly.

Although we may deeply love those around us we may need to establish some boundaries.¬† Creating boundaries can cause those we care about to react emotionally.¬† All of a sudden those we care about see the relationship changing. In time they will relax as the change becomes the new norm. Eventually, the relationship might be healthier than ever.¬†Healthy relationships don’t happen overnight, it’s important we remember relationships take time and effort.

Explaining the evaluating a relationship spread

1) This person’s purpose in my life.

First of all, we need to remember why they are in our lives in the first place.¬† At times we don’t surround ourselves with the right people and sometimes we let go of important people.

2) Strength as a team.

Regardless of how “great” someone may be what really matters is how we function as a team.¬† If we can’t come together as a team it won’t work in the long run. Teamwork makes the dream work!

3) Challenges as a team.

Challenges are common in all relationships but some can be insurmountable. However, some challenges can be gateways to a deeper connection.

4) Underlying issues.

In spite of our best efforts sometimes underlying issues slide under the radar.  We must remain vigilant and recognize what might be hidden.

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Evaluating a Relationship – Tarot Reading


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