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Are you curious how a lover, a family member or anyone else may feel about you?  This 1 card reading is set to answer that question.

This reading will answer the following.

1) How do they feel about you?

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How do they feel?

Sooner or later we all may ask ourselves this question about the people in our lives.¬† Usually, this question stems from unresolved issues in our past.¬† Other times it comes from our own intuition¬†signaling the need for caution.¬† Regardless of causation, it’s important to recognize it’s not only ok to¬†be curious about this but it’s also¬†healthy.¬† Consequently,¬† not asking questions and avoiding our true feelings is a leading cause of toxic or even failed relationships.

For the most part, the feelings of those we love should be obvious to us.¬† However, the hardships and heartaches of life can lead us to hide our feelings on a conscious and subconscious level.¬† Obviously, the best way to answer this question would be to ask them directly.¬† At the same time, asking them directly isn’t always a valid option.¬† As much as we might hold someone in high regard, it doesn’t prevent them from being deceitful.¬† In the event that the direct route isn’t the best choice for your situation the “How do they feel?”¬†single card tarot reading is a great¬†option for you.

In order for this reading to be of value to you, it is suggested you have an open mind towards the information.¬† With this in mind, it’s worth mentioning sometimes the information presented will differ greatly from what you expect it to be.

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The how do they feel reading will answer the following.

1) How do they feel about you?

What if you could have insight into the minds of those who matter most to you without having to ask them?  Would you take a peek or leave it be?

Need more information about the Oracle at Mushin?

How do they feel? – Tarot Reading


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