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What message is hiding in your present? This quick one card reading will help you get in touch with something you should know about now.

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This reading will address the following.

1) Explain your present.

How will I receive my reading?

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  • Facebook Messenger – After purchasing your reading contact me via messenger.

ūüĆüWith the exception of live readings, you will receive a pdf file. ūüĆü(single card sample)

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Tell me about my present

You might be asking yourself, what can this bozo tell me about my present I don’t already know.¬† Although I cannot deny the claim of being a bozo, I will refute the limits of what I can tell you.¬† Of course, you might have a rebuttal¬†but it will fall on deaf ears.¬† Having done a hefty amount of tarot readings by this stage in my life I’ve surprised myself with tarots ability to determine stuff in the lives of others.¬† In fact, I came into this whole line of work with a skeptical outlook. Anyhow, I digress.

It’s important to realize that Tarot itself has a practical¬†use outside of divination.¬† The imagery on the cards contains ample information that can cause to examine our own mindsets.¬† The composite¬†images used to create tarot embody¬†the old adage a picture is worth a thousand words.¬† This allows your subconscious¬†to operate over a unique framework.

On the other hand, tarot has some metaphysical synchronicities that I won’t even attempt to explain.¬† You are probably thinking¬†“Skip the jargon dude, what does this all mean?”¬† Let me get back on track.¬† Regardless of your outlook of tarot working via practical methods or metaphysical means, you will gain something insightful that can help you in the present.¬† The only real prerequisite to accessing this information is an open mind.

We also have an (Insert Spread Name) that can answer a few more common questions.

The what are they hiding? single card tarot reading will answer the following.

  1. What are they hiding?

Have they left you ample reasons to doubt they are telling the truth?¬† Do you constantly wonder what they aren’t telling you¬†or are you curious about what they are intentionally hiding?

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My present – Tarot Reading


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