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Are you stuck in some area of your life? This reading can help you figure out when and how to overcome the troubles you are facing.

This reading will address the following:

1) What block are you facing right now?

2) What can help you overcome?

3) When will you overcome it?

4) Outcome.

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Are you struggling with overcoming blocks and seeking help to move forward?

We all have dreams and ambitions but many of us struggle with overcoming blocks that prevent us from moving forward.  While many of us may think we know what our blocks are truth be told there can be deeper issues masking themselves.  Although we are able to discern what those hidden blocks may be determining a course of action can be confusing.  After we have figured out what we are up against, how we can overcome it we naturally are curious about when we will move past it.  Above all, we really are curious about what the outcome of overcoming our blocks will be.  This reading is focused on helping you overcome any blocks that stand in your way.

Explaining the Overcoming blocks spread

1) What block are you facing right now?

Although many of us might be facing an issue we are having difficulty overcoming, few of us may be able to pinpoint where the trouble is.  Also, just because we might think we know what is causing the block doesn’t mean there aren’t other elements playing into it.

2) What can help you overcome?

After we have acquired an understanding of the block we are facing is all about we need to overcome it.  It is said you can’t solve a problem with the same line of thinking that created it, therefore an outside perspective is useful.

3) When will you overcome it?

Above all most of us want to know when we can overcome this block.  While timelines in tarot are not absolute they can be a healthy outline of best or worst case outcomes.

4) Outcome.

Finally, most of us want to know if overcoming a block will result in the outcome we desire.

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Overcoming blocks – Tarot Reading


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