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Are you curious about your past life? This reading is one of two of our past life readings, purchase them both for the whole picture!

This reading will tell you the following.

1) A message about the early years of your past life.

2) A message about your education in your past life.

3) A message about your occupation in your past life.

4) A message about your social status in your past life.

How will I receive my reading?

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🌟With the exception of live readings, you will receive a pdf file. 🌟(sample spread)

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Are you dying to know how you lived in your past life?

First of all, many ancient religions embraced past lives, even early Christians. At present, large parts of the world accept the concept of past lives. Due to its mass appeal globally, some of us have some questions about how we lived.  So how can you get insight into your past lives?  Tarot reading is one of the many tools available to help you explore this realm. Although some might seek answers through Akashic Records or other mediumship tarot has some unique benefits others practices cant offer.  For example, tarot cards themselves have art on the cards.  When one considers a picture is a thousand words you are literally getting to see part of your story as a soul unfold before you.

Explaining the Past Life spread

1) A message about the early years.

Whenever you get a previous life reading many might gloss over the earlier elements of your life.  However, the early elements of your life explain a great deal about the later parts of that incarnation.

2) A message about your education.

One of the things many other previous readings may overlook is the level of education in your past life.  Since we are seeking knowledge of our past experiences knowing what or how we learned is incredibly useful.

3) A message about your occupation.

Another great barometer for our previous life is to explore our occupation.  In addition to showing if we used our education, it can show how we lived.

4) A message about your social status.

Finally, we might want to know how we were received by our peers. Although we may have been an undereducated farmhand we still could have been revered by our town.

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Past Life – Tarot Reading


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