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Are you wondering if they are the one?

This reading will address the following:

1) How they feel.

2) The potential for a relationship.

3) Advice.

4) Outcome.

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Few things can cause as much confusion as a potential love interest.

Above all, we all want to feel loved.¬† While some may have an easy time at dating and relationships many of simply don’t.¬† Due to the difficult nature of relationships mixed with the complexity of dating in the modern age a little insight can go a long way.¬† Almost all of us have had bad relationships before where a little further thought on our parts could have prevented considerable suffering.¬† Another sticking point in making romantic choices comes from the sources we take our advice from. Sometimes those closest to us can be the last people we want to listen to.¬† While a tarot reading may not be a typical solution to answering life’s¬†questions it causes you to think about the situation you are facing. Finally, foresight¬†can reduce the risk of suffering in hindsight.

Explaining the potential love spread

1) How they feel.

Possibly one of the most uncomfortable phases of feeling out a new relationship is determining how the other feels. Therefore a little outside insight can go a long way.

2) The potential for a relationship.

Another one of the difficult parts surrounding a potential love interest is wondering if there is a chance for more.¬† Although we might meet someone who has mutual feelings, it doesn’t mean it will work.

3) Advice.

While advice can be a tricky subject sometimes an outside perspective is more than necessary.  So this advice is merely a suggestion, not set in stone.

4) Outcome.

Finally, most of us want to know what will come of this potential love interest.¬† Although this answer isn’t definitive it can be a good piece of information to keep in mind while making choices.

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Potential Love – Tarot Reading


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