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Are you having trouble seeing who you really are? This reading can help you inspect some of the deeper layers of your personality.

This reading will address the following.

1) A message from your higher self.

2) Who you think you are.

3) Who others think you are.

4) Who you really are.

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The quality of our lives hinges on our self acceptance.

Almost all of us struggle with self acceptance at one point or another in our lives. Rather than learning self acceptance many of us seek acceptance from others in unhealthy ways. Although we may have pure intentions and a good heart our inability to accept ourselves can lead us down some dark roads. Our lives continue to degrade as we make persistent poor choices as a result of self-rejection. In contrast when we can learn to appreciate ourselves and tolerate our highs and lows our lives flourish.  One of the simplest ways to make the most out of your life is learning to accept yourself on a deep level.  This reading is intent on helping you love yourself back onto

Explaining the self acceptance spread

1) A message from your higher self.

First of all, your higher self has a message for you and you need to hear it.  While you might not be ready to hear something positive about yourself it’s time.

2) Who you think you are.

Although we have a running idea of who we are, truth be told that’s not the real us.  As a result of all the various facets of life, we lost ourselves along the way.  Now is the time to shed that illusion.

3) Who others think you are.

Similarly to our own perception of us, other people don’t have the total understanding of us.  While they may know us on some level, they don’t know us on a deep level.

4) Who you really are.

Since we don’t know ourselves and others don’t know the real us an objective opinion can be very useful.  Due to our own coping mechanisms, we may have some natural resistance to the messages provide.

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