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Are you desiring to learn to love yourself? This reading can help you explore how to tap into self-appreciation.

This reading will address the following.

1) Something to love about yourself.

2) Where can I be more patient with myself?

3) Where can I be kinder to myself?

4) Energies and strategies to draw on.

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Self love is the foundation of all other relationships we have, without it, we suffer.

How do you really feel about yourself when you are laying alone in bed at night?  For some even thinking about that made you a little uncomfortable.  One of the most difficult lessons we face in our current culture is learning to love ourselves.  We are a world saturated in self-loathing and escapism through ego. While you may not like yourself now, I assure you, you can learn to love yourself deeper than you ever have before.  The most important gift you can give yourself and all those around you is self love.  If you aren’t able to love yourself in a deep way the resulting actions trickle down and impact everyone you encounter. Above all let’s learn to love ourselves and give everyone in our lives the best version of us!

Explaining the self love spread

1) Something to love about yourself.

First of all, let’s get honest, most of us don’t “love” ourselves on a deep level.  Due to the difficulty of finding something to appreciate about ourselves this card can add insight as to where you could use a little self love.

2) Where can I be more patient with myself?

While many of us may have unlimited patience for others often times we have none for ourselves. Let’s give ourselves a break if only for the reason that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

3) Where can I be kinder to myself?

Probably one of the most vicious people in our lives is ourselves. Consequently, we also have the potential to be our kinder to ourselves.

4) Energies and strategies to draw on.

Due to how critical we can be to ourselves a little extra help doesn’t hurt. The knowledge of what energy or strategy to draw on can certainly have a positive impact.

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