Spirit Animal – Tarot Reading


Are you curious what spirit animals are on your team? This reading is intended to reveal some of your spirit animal pack.

This reading will tell you the following.

1) Information about one of your Spirit Animals.

2) Characteristics or traits this animal possess.

3) Information about another Spirit Animal.

4) Characteristics or traits this animal possess.

How will I receive my reading?

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ūüĆüWith the exception of live readings, you will receive a pdf file. ūüĆü(sample spread)

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A spirit animal can hold hidden messages, gifts and strength.

For ages, ancient ancestors across the globe have honored, feared, and revered animals.  Consequently, the belief of spirit animals more than likely predates traceable history.  With this in mind, by seeking your spirit animal you are directly engaging with our earliest ancestors.  At the same time, you are tapping into the primal power that exists in the spirit of animals.  Notably, you are exploring the seamless grace with which animals exist in our world. Moreover, you are aligning yourself on a deep level with the song of life.  To put it differently, you are taking the wisdom of animals and learning to apply it to the busy and often stressful modern world in which we live. Not only does this help you learn to navigate through bigger life issues but it also helps you smooth out the rough edges of smaller problems as well.

Explaining the spirit animal spread

1) Information about one of your Spirit Animals.

Generally speaking, we have multiple spirit animals and they can change over time.  Rather than focus on the dominant one, we will offer space for whoever wants to speak to you.

2) Characteristics or traits this animal possess.

It’s important to realize that the traits a spirit animal possess hold much of the wisdom it has.¬† When we can abstract its essence and apply it to our lives we can gain a richer life experience.

3) The aid it offers.

Another key point to consider is the areas this animal can assist us.  In time applying its aid will become second nature.

4) The message it carries.

In addition to the previously mentioned assets, a deeper message exists.  Utilizing this message accordingly can elevate us to new levels!

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Spirit Animal – Tarot Reading


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