Talking with Ancestors – Tarot Reading


Are you curious about what message your ancestors have for you? This reading is intended to help bridge the gap between you and them.

This reading will tell you the following.

1) What Ancestor is present?

2) What gifts have they passed to you?

3) What are their hopes for you?

4) A healing message.

How will I receive my reading?

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ūüĆüWith the exception of live readings, you will receive a pdf file. ūüĆü(sample spread)

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Talking with ancestors is an age-old tradition that can still benefit us to this day!

It’s important to realize that our ancestors are looking after us.¬† Surely there have been times in your life when an unexpected¬†miracle has occurred.¬† Frequently our Ancestors intercede on our behalf but most of us lack the ability to clearly see their actions.¬† With this in mind look back on recent or past events for a time when an ancestor might have stepped in.¬† By the same token, some of our ancestors are waiting for us to acknowledge them before they help us.¬† Even though we may not know it we have ample connections to the spirit world, we just have to make the connection.¬† In order to make contact with the other side, we have to take inspired action to communicate.¬† ¬†In short, this reading is a gateway to you accessing the power of your ancestral lineage.

Explaining the Talking with Ancestors spread

1) What Ancestor is present?

To begin with, we will find an ancestor who wishes to communicate with you.  While they may make it directly known who they are most likely they will offer clues for you to figure out.

2) What gifts have they passed to you?

Next, we will see what, if any, gifts they have to offer you. In general, one can safely assume their ancestors have something to offer them.

3) What are their hopes for you?

In general, the hope of an ancestor will be that you live your best life.  Usually, they will express hope in a specific area of your life.

4) A healing message.

Finally, the reading will close with something only an ancestor might know.  For the most part, this usually will address a fear or worry in the back of your mind.

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Talking with Ancestors – Tarot Reading


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