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Are you wondering what your week will bring? This reading can help you explore the week ahead.

This reading will tell you the following.

1) Where you can benefit this week.

2) What you need to think about.

3) What you need to do.

4) The Challenge.


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What gifts and challenges does the week ahead have in store for you?

At the present time, it’s safe to assume you have some concept of what the upcoming week will hold.  However, each encounter or plan we have will likely have subtle and sometimes even not so subtle occurrences that aren’t in line with our version of reality.  Generally speaking, life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. Rather than having a meltdown when the day doesn’t unfold as we expect we can face the week with foresight.  For most of us knowing what to be mindful of and how to navigate stressful situations would be a godsend. While I can’t promise that this reading will help you live a stress-free life, I can express the benefits of a weekly tarot reading.  Notably the fact that although a reading can’t prevent life from happening, the information can be used to occupy my mind with better ways to respond.

Explaining the week ahead spread

1) Where you can benefit this week.

Even the worst of weeks can hold benefits if we look with the right kind of eyes. When we focus on the blessings they multiply.

2) What you need to think about.

Throughout the course of a week, a theme or lesson is often revealed.  Imagine if you had the potential to know what to focus on before it became apparent.

3) What you need to do.

In general, we accept that certain choices can reveal the best possible outcomes.  Rather than weighing out options we can allow the universe to guide our decisions.

4) The Challenge.

If only everything was simple and didn’t require us to dig down deep within.  Instead, we are given challenges but those challenges can shape us for the better.

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The week ahead – Tarot Reading


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