Toxic Workplace – Tarot Reading


Are you stewing in a toxic work environment? This reading can help you figure out the best way of coping.

This reading will address the following.

1) The root of the Problem.

2) How to protect yourself.

3) How to help others.

4) General Outlook.

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It’s difficult to live a happy life when we work in a toxic workplace.

Life is too short to be miserable but we all need to money to survive in today’s society.  If the end to a toxic workplace was as simple as just quitting a job almost all of us would have done that by now.  Many of us are forced to learn to cope with a toxic workplace for the reason that most of us rely on our jobs to survive. Similarly, we have probably all tried various methods of mellowing out our work experience with limited success but there is still hope.   Above all, we need to learn what the solution is to our problem and how we can achieve that solution.

Explaining the toxic workplace spread

1) The root of the problem.

First of all, there is likely a deeper issue than what we notice.  In order to better overcome the issue at hand, we have to get to the exact nature of the problem.

2) How to protect yourself.

Next understanding how to keep ourselves safe while we work is critical to our wellbeing.  Many of us aren’t able to just walk away from our day jobs, therefore, knowing how to protect ourselves is crucial.

3) How to help others.

Another thing to consider in regards to our toxic workplace is the well being of our co-workers.  While we don’t have to like everybody learning how to help others avoid the pitfalls of the workplace may shift some to our side.

4) General Outlook.

Finally, a little knowledge of what we can expect in the coming months can be inspiring.  In contrast, what is up ahead may be worse than what we are experiencing now and we may need to cut ties.

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Toxic Workplace – Tarot Reading


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