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Are you curious what’s really on your mind? This quick one card reading will help you get a deeper understanding of your own mind.

This reading will address the following.

1) What’s on your mind?

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What is on my mind?

Have you ever wondered “what is on my mind?”.¬† While many of us think we know ourselves better than anyone else, that’s usually not the case.¬† On the contrary, we are most often more oblivious to our own minds than those around us.¬† In order to illustrate the previous point consider this.

We often see individuals in our lives completely unaware of some circumstance that is obviously impacting them.  It could be a toxic relationship, an issue with substances, rejection of established facts or a number of other things.  However, when we bring this to their attention, they oblivious or even deny the obvious. With this in mind. Why do we think we are different?

It’s important to realize that our minds construct a version of reality that suits us.¬† In other words, we aren’t always able to know what is truly on our minds.¬† If we can’t know our true minds, how can we catch a glimpse?¬† Tarot is an excellent tool for introspection.¬† In fact, getting a reading from a complete stranger can be a great way to delve into the depths of your mind.

Provided that you can approach this experience with an open mind and evaluate the information shared beyond a knee-jerk response, you may see deeper into yourself than ever before. Consequently, some of us will naturally exhibit cognitive dissonance and reject anything that disrupts our carefully constructed reality.

The what are they hiding? single card tarot reading will answer the following.

  1. What are they hiding?

Have they left you ample reasons to doubt they are telling the truth?¬† Do you constantly wonder what they aren’t telling you¬†or are you curious about what they are intentionally hiding?

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What is on my mind? – Tarot Reading


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