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Are you curious why a lover, a family member or anyone else is distant?  This 1 card reading is set to answer that question.

This reading will answer the following.

1) Why are they distant?

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Why are they distant?

Whenever we enter into a new relationship most of us are actually living in our fantasy of what we think a relationship is.  Eventually, every relationship will change in some way shape or form.  During the ebb and flow of relationships, it’s natural at times to grow together or grow apart.  Here and there the ones we love can leave us feeling like they are emotionally distant.  As a result, we are left wondering, “Why are they distant?

Under those circumstances, it’s easy to let our fears run wild.  Additionally, their distance and our fear can cause unresolved issues within us to surface creating further confusion.  On the other hand, opening up a line of communication as to why they are distant can establish a  new level of intimacy.  Of course, we could always directly ask our lovers but they might not even notice their own distance or know the reasons behind it.  At times like this, we may turn to other sources in order to get some insight into what is creating the distance.

The “Why are they distant?” single card tarot reading can be a great starting point to reconnect. 

In order to get the most out of this reading, it’s crucial to remember a few key points. First of all, we need to have an open mind to the information shared here.  While tarot card readings can be direct, sometimes we need to decipher how the information shared applies to our situation.  Sometimes we don’t get the answers we expect, we get the answers we need.

We also have an (Insert Spread Name) that can answer a few more common questions.

The why are they distant reading will answer the following.

1) Why are they distant?

What if you could figure out why your loved one is distant without them having to tell you?  Would you be willing to hear what was on their mind?

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Why are they distant? – Tarot Reading

1 review for Why are they distant? – Tarot Reading

  1. Alicia (verified owner)

    Ross is great ! This single card reading was sent quickly and provided some insight into my question related to a failing friendship . Sweet and simple advice from the universe . Sometimes it’s all you need to move forward . I would recommend this single card reading for anyone with lingering questions related to a relationship that isn’t going well .

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