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The word surrender is capable of evoking intense emotions. Often times we perceive it as admitting defeat against unbeatable odds but there is a deeper meaning. Another way to think about surrender is finding a better way to live by letting things flow naturally. Spiritual surrender is about humility.

What is spiritual surrender?

The simple answer is it is Mushin, which means no mind, and no heart. This is a flow state where you aren’t overly analytical or emotional. When you begin to embody this state, it may seem cold or distant. In reality it is one of the most compassionate ways of approaching life. Here’s why.

Benefits of spiritual surrender

Mushin is about humility. You see, most of the difficulty and frustration others face in the world is from trying to control the uncontrollable. When we begin to see ourselves as a part of something greater this relieves us of a great burden but first we have to get over our fear of letting go of the wheel. After we get over the fear of accepting our true lack of control we can begin to work on what we can control, ourselves.

Personal accountability is power

While the rest of the world is off blaming everyone else for their problems, the wise look within. Have you ever considered the central theme to all your problems? I have and the funny thing is it was me!!! When you begin to look at the world from a more objective perspective you begin to realize that most of your problems actually arise in your thoughts or your emotional response to your thoughts. Fear, anxiety, worry, anger are actually an abuse of our greatest gift, our imagination.

Where am I being invited to let go of a need for control?

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How this topic applies to me today

When the high priestess card came up tonight all I could do is laugh. Lately I’ve been living in a frantic panic because of all the blessings I’ve earned. The general message of the card is it’s time to relax and tap into you intuition. The exact opposite of how I’ve been living. When we are able to step into the space of spiritual surrender we can get divine guidance to help us navigate whatever happens.

Tarot journal prompts for you!

  • Where are you resisting surrender?
  • What would your life be like if you turned it over to spirit?
  • How can you benefit from letting go?
  • When was an awesome time you let life life flow?
  • Who do you think you would be if you lived like this?

The original prompt was from the #tarotoftheunderworld challenge by instagram user @Wildsoulhealing

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