Death Tarot Card Meanings


13 is the number of Death.  13 represents the creative freedom of a confident individual.  The energy of the one holds new beginnings for the individual while the 3 holds the creativity of the natural cycle.  When you add 1 and 3 together you get 4 which carries the energy of stability. This stability is focused more on gracefully adapting to change than rigidness.  The overall message of this number is to be confident and fluid while things are changing.


First, we see the flag with a white rose and five ears of corn.  The rose represents renewal and the corn, the harvest. Next we see the black armor which is a symbol for loss and endings.  Another key symbols is the read feather, which stands for life force. The sun rising or setting in the city shows the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another.  Finally, the ship is a cross cultural symbol for the journey the soul takes after death.

Upright Meaning of Death

When most people see The Death Tarot Card, they take it to mean literal death.  This is rarely, if ever the true meaning of the card. Typically this card is a signifier of the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Another key aspect of this card is the suddenness of this change. After the long patient waiting in the Hanged Man card, things are now rapidly changing.  While this card may be initially unpleasant, in retrospect this abrupt transition will be a blessing in disguise.

Reverse Meaning of Death

Unlike many other cards the reverse meaning of Death is surprisingly similar.  However, the slight difference has a big impact. Rather than gracefully accepting the ending or transformation the reversal signifies resisting and avoiding change.  This creates anxiety, stress and confusion. Finally, the Death in the reverse position can signify there is no way to fix a relationship or mend something that has been broken, you can only move forward.

Self Reflection

Death is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • What is changing in my life?
  • Where have I been stuck?
  • How can I ease this transformation?
  • Who is changing around me?

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