The Devil Tarot Card Meaning


15 is the number of the Devil.  The darker side of 15 represents sensuality and ego. First we have the one which can possess attributes of a great leader, however, these same attributes are prone to transitioning into ego.  Moving on to the five we find an attachment to material pleasures or sensuality. When you combine one and five you get six, a number of love and romance, however, with the one and five divided we are left with an unbalanced and toxic romance. It’s important to note that one can avoid some of the more difficult aspects of this number by applying its antithesis, humility.


First we begin with the devil, a symbol of internal and external oppression as well as an embodiment of strict materialism and animal impulse.  Next we see the tails on the two humans, which are symbols of base instincts beginning to rule our lives. The fruit on the woman’s tail, represents the forbidden fruit mentioned in the bible and the fire on the man’s tail represents corruption.  After the tails we look to the chains, an obvious symbol of bondage, and dependency. Now we come to the downward torch which shows the shadow self hiding its knowledge and power. Finally we come to the inverted pentagram, while the upright pentagram stands for humanity, the reverse pentagram represents cruelty and dark forces.

Upright Meaning of The Devil

When the Devil Tarot Card is upright, it shows an unhealthy connection, situation or focus. One possible meaning is an unbalanced relationship.  While this partnership began on equal footing it has shifted to a codependent and progressively toxic disaster. Other meanings for this card include greed, temptation, and materialism.  When this card comes up in a reading and it’s difficult to pinpoint what it’s referring to take heed and draw on the energy of the hermit. It’s time to cast light into the darkness so we can see the monsters that lurk there.

Reverse Meaning of The Devil

When this card is in the reversed position it’s actually a good hopeful card.  This shows that whatever has been holding you back or keeping you will be easier to overcome than you anticipate.  If you’ve been struggling to make a decision to stay or leave, this card shows the answer will come easy to you. However, time is of the essence and if you’re going to make a move do it quick!

Self Reflection

The Devil  is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • Where have I been focusing too much energy?
  • What can I do to make my life easier?
  • How can I get out of this bad situation?
  • Who do I need to remove from my life?

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