The Empress Tarot Card Meanings


3 is the number of The Empress.  3 is a number of creative potential that needs direction. Other aspects of the 3 such as charisma and natural rhythm can help the individual focus their efforts.  When the energy of the three is focused in the proper channel it can create abundance in all avenues of life.  This number has wonderful benefits if one can overcome its challenges.


The Empress represents the potential to embody the creative force of nature. Her crown of 12 stars is said to represent the 12 tribes of Israel or the 12 astrological signs.  Below her crown is a laurel wreath that represents peace and success. The pomegranates on her dress represent creative fertility. Her necklace has seven pearls which denote wisdom, the seven chakras and also the seven classical planets.  The shield beside her has the symbol of Venus, which is a symbol of love, beauty and creativity. The scepter in her hand represents her authority and self confidence. Finally the corn that is ready for harvest marks abundance, fertility and reaping of rewards.

Upright Meaning of the Empress

This card shows a passive energy that is capable of receiving abundance, possessing material support, expressing sensuality, feeling secure and being able to offer emotional support.  The Empress can show harmony in your home life and is an auspicious sign for those hoping to start a family. In personal finances this card shows creative projects thriving and generating lots of rewards.  The maternal nature of this card offers comfort and lets you know that everything will be alright and your needs will be met. Finally the Empress Tarot card suggests finding a deep inner peace which makes interpersonal relationships flourish.

Reverse Meaning of the Empress

When you receive a reversal of this card it shows your creativity not achieving the desired results.  Although you have been working hard, there are no tangible benefits to what you’ve been doing.  It’s time to accept your own actions are a barrier to the fulfillment of your desired results. Another concept of the reverse Empress tarot card is a disconnection from mother earth or an issue with your mother or a motherly figure.  In conclusion, the general message of the reversal is that you need to reconnect with reality and ease up on your efforts.

Self Reflection

The Empress is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • Where can I apply my creativity?
  • What is the benefit of doing so?
  • How can I nurture myself in the process?
  • Who can I look to for nurturing support?

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