The Fool Tarot Card Meanings

This images shows the fool card from the rider smith waite deck and gives some bullet points on information about it
While the first step may be a doozy it’s certain that things will never be the same if we survive our foolishness.


The Fool is commonly numbered 0 and occasionally 22.  For our purposes we will approach the fool as a 0. 0 represents freedom because it houses both formlessness and an empty fertile space for new things to grow.  The fertility of this card is often why it is called the cosmic egg. All numbers spring forth after zero and all the following cards of the Major Arcana follow the fool.  Keep in mind as we travel through the other 21 Cards of the major Arcana that we are going on the Fool’s journey.


When you first look at the fool tarot card you see an androgynous figure about to step off a cliff. Often times a small dog is trying to warn them of the impending danger.  The small dog represents our animal instincts warning us of our folly but we are being lead by intuition and operating on a higher consciousness.

Upright Meaning of the Fool

The Fool is a card of open mindedness and new opportunities.  It carries with it a sense of wanderlust and blind ambition oblivious to anything but achieving its goals. Although modern society might view foolishness as a bad thing, it can actually be a great asset.  The Fool tarot card is all about new beginnings and traveling with as little baggage as possible.

Reverse Meaning of the Fool

The reverse meaning of the fool is overthinking, holding back, and lack of planning. While the upright meaning is akin to a perfect flow state, the reversed meaning is trapped in the extremes of being too analytical or too reckless.  This can either give you too few experiences required to grow or too much chaos to actually process what you are experiencing. Take a look and see if you are being too impulsive or too analytical.

Self Reflection

The fool is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • Where is a new beginning developing?
  • Am I holding myself back?
  • Am I too Impulsive?
  • Where is the universe leading me?

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