The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings


9 is the number of the Hermit.  9 carries the energy of universal love, faith, spiritual awakening, light-working and mysticism.  Another key concept of number 9 is the balanced integration of physical, spiritual and intellectual worlds. Someone capable of harnessing the energy of the number 9 is in their last phase of evolution before returning to unity with spirit. A person who has achieved aspects of the number 9 in their personality are here to teach others their wisdom before this ultimate return. These aspects are all perfectly reflected in the hermit.


First we see the staff, a symbol of self support.  It’s not uncommon in some decks for the staff to represent the rod of asclepius, a nod to healing aspect of this card.  Next we look at the lantern which is a symbol for both the light within leading us on our path and the illumination of enlightenment.  The six pointed star on the lantern is a mark of hope and guidance. Furthermore the two triangles of the star represent the hermetic principle of as above, so below.  Finally, the old figure is a symbol of wisdom, with his hood and gaze representing isolation for self reflection.

Upright Meaning of The Hermit

The Hermit tarot card is asking you to pull back from your day to day life for some self reflection.  When engaging in your self reflection it’s important to see how previous lessons can help you with your current situation as well as in upcoming events.  It’s important that you take some time to really digest upon your life up to this point because this is a point of departure. While this card can represent a physical journey, it often represents taking a large step forward on our inner journey.  Another possible meaning of this card is appreciating your mentors or the possibility of a mentor appearing. Finally, this is a card of rest and healing, after you have accomplished these feats it’s time to move onto the next part of our journey.

Reverse Meaning of The Hermit

When reversed, the Hermit represents a feeling isolated and lacking support.  Often times these feelings are more imagined than real and are often more a result of your own choices than those of others.  Now is a good time to ask yourself if you are actually avoiding help and connection. Another key concept of this reversal is accepting the role of martyr or victim.  Again, these roles are often the result of your own choices and not those of others. Regardless of the cause of any of these situations, applying the rest and reflection of the upright meaning of this card is suggested to help resolve your issues.

Self Reflection

The Hermit is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • What message does my past hold?
  • Where can my past experiences benefit me now?
  • How can I use my past to overcome current obstacles?
  • Who can help me overcome this part of my journey?

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