The Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings

An Image of Hierophant with the following information.

Key Meanings:

Tradition, Spiritual Wisdom, Education, Unity

Astrological sign or Planet:

Taurus.  Taurus, the bull, shows signs of stubbornness, loyalty and practicality.


5 represents the ability to understand the deepest of esoteric and spiritual secrets.


Make the most out of your gifts.

Self Reflection:

Has your structure become your prison? 


How can you connect deeper to your spirituality?



5 is the number of The Hierophant.  5 represents the grounded seeker of esoteric wisdom and spiritual truth.  This card embodies the idea of the ability to rapidly learn complex concepts, integrate them into your experience and present them to others. It has been said that “5 is the spirit of life and human love.” A final note about the 5 is the potential power in this number can also cause it to become corrupt. Tread carefully.


First we see the papal staff and papal crown.  These symbols have similar meanings in that they represent spiritual authority and also the holy trinity of earth, heaven and the spirit world.  Next we move on to the golden cross keys which are used to “unlock” the doors to heaven and a nod to the Hierophants meaning of unity. Finally we look at the hands in the gesture of blessing.  The two fingers bent and two fingers extended are symbols of the seen and unseen which further underlines the bond of the material and spiritual worlds.

Upright Meaning of the Hierophant

One of the key concepts of The Hierophant is unity.  While this may sound wonderful, the power of this unity can fall into the need for others to conform to their structure and belief. However, this conformity also brings about a sense of secrecy as one hides aspects of themselves to fit in.  This card is urging us to let others be themselves and in turn express ourselves as truthfully as we can. While we may wish to appear as an unpolluted vessel the greatest pathway to true unity is through showing our weakness and failings.

Reverse Meaning of the Hierophant

The reversal of the Hierophant shows the need to break from conformity.  Often times this reversal is a good omen as it shows someone who is able to follow their own path. Your solutions to your problems lie in unconventional means and you need to have the courage to follow your heart.  You have been blessed with a unique vision but need to have the perseverance to swim against the current. Eventually you will bring others to your point of view.

Self Reflection

The Hierophant is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • Where have I become too rigid?
  • What am I trying to hide?
  • How can I free myself from society’s limitations?
  • Who should I trust myself or the masses?

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