The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings


2 is the number of The High Priestess.  2 is a number of teamwork and collaboration.  For the High Priestess the individual is learning to work with the universe to receive hidden knowledge.  Unlike the active creative energy of the 1, the 2 is passive and receptive. The passive energy of the 2 can be summarized as “doing by not doing”


The High Priestess is the embodied form of the divine feminine. The natural cycles of life are are shown by the headdress with the moon phases.  She represents the third pillar which is centered between severity and mercy. Behind the High Priestess is a pomegranate tree and which is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and rebirth. 

Upright Meaning of the High Priestess

This card embodies the being receptive to esoteric wisdom from the spiritual world.  When one begins to cultivate a life around spirituality, gifts of wisdom may be given. The High Priestess tarot card can represent esoteric wisdom, intuition, psychic powers and prophetic dreams. It is time to separate from the herd and deepen your connection with spirit and learn to trust your intuition.  This card also marks the need to establish privacy about projects and your personal life. Finally, if this card comes up in one of your first tarot readings it might be informing you tarot is a part of your spiritual path.

Reverse Meaning of the High Priestess

The reversal of this card can represent choosing the wrong mentor or temporarily going down the wrong path.  It is urging you to pull back and consult your intuition before seeking better council. However, this might be problematic because the reverse high priestess can also be a symbol of lacking faith in your own intuitive gifts.  The solution to the challenges of this reversal are all held in practicing faith and establishing a deeper connection with your higher power. Another interpretation of the upside high priestess is that someone is withholding holding secret information.

Self Reflection

The High Priestess is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • Where can I practice acceptance?
  • What is my intuition is trying to tell me?
  • How can I practice faith?
  • Who can I trust as a mentor?

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