Judgment Tarot Card Meanings

An Image of Judgement with the following information: Key Meanings: Awakening, Epiphany, Inner Calling, Absolution Astrological sign or Planet: Pluto. Pluto is the god of the dead and deep transformation. Numerology: 20 is the number of Judgement. 20 represents inclusive diplomacy. Divination: Look back with pleasure? Self Reflection: How can I forgive myself? or What has lead me to today?


20 is the number of Judgment.  20 embodies the energy of the all inclusive diplomat. Another way to look at the energy of this card is to look at the energy of its root numbers.  When you see the number two it represents an intuitive knowing and the passive feminine principle. Additionally, this card carries the energy of the zero which is a sign of new beginnings, an open mind and bountiful optimism. Finally, combining all of these energies together you come up with the following message. Take some time to rest and reflect on what you have accomplished because a change is coming.


We begin with the Archangel, a symbol of awakening.  Next we see the trumpet which is telling us it’s time to resurrect the past and make a choice.  After this we come to the rising dead, they represent they different phases of our lives and are asking us to look at our relationships.  The open coffins are a symbol of the rebirth that this card carries. The Flag of St. George represents the unification of opposites. Finally we come to the sea and glaciers. The sea represents purification and the glaciers are melting, signifying a fruitful change.

Upright Meaning of Judgment

When the Judgment Tarot Card card is in this position it’s asking you to think about your past.  Your life is going to be changing soon but before you can move forward, you have to address what’s brought you to this point.  While we often think of Judgment regarding other people, this card is asking us to look at how we interact with ourselves. Upright this card shows you can accept your past and know that you did the best you could at the time.  Additional meanings of this card include fame and a spiritual awakening. Now that you have learned deeply about yourself you have much to offer others and the spirits want to work with you. You can expect guidance on your path as your confidence and wisdom grow.

Reverse Meaning Judgment

When this card comes up in the reversed position it shows a refusal to learn from past mistakes.  You might realize you are living old patterns but still be unable to break free. Another meaning of this reversal is delays in your plans, it might even leave you feeling trapped and stuck.  When this card comes up in this position, it’s important to realize you are being asked to slow down and reflect upon your life before moving forward. After you have looked at the issue at hand, you have the choice to forgive yourself and move forward or to stay trapped in the past, you can’t do both.

Self Reflection

Judgment is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • What have I held onto for too long?
  • Where am I reliving old patterns?
  • How can I forgive myself?
  • Who can help me see myself more clearly?

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