Justice Tarot Card Meanings


11 is the number of Justice.  11 carries both masculine and feminine energy in a harmonious balance.  We can consider this card to carry the energy of both the Magician and the High Priestess. Therefore it has energy that is independent and charismatic as well as receptive intuition that can access the hidden truth of situations. 11 is also considered a master number and it represents a very high state of spiritual evolution. If one isn’t capable of living up to the responsibility of the master number 11 their energy will be reduced to the energy of the 2.


First we see the pillars which represent Justice being administered within the boundaries of the law. Next we move onto the sword which represents the results of the judgement, the upright position represents success.  Now we look at the scales which are symbols for the thought process associated with making a judgement. Finally we look at the crown which is an authority symbol and the crenelated design represents a castle wall showing that justice is a key component of civilization.

Upright Meaning of Justice

When The Justice Tarot card is in the upright position it shows there will be a positive outcome. Any adversity you might face at this time will have fair outcomes.  This card is telling you to take accountability for all the outcomes that are happening in your life right now, both good and bad. Another interpretation of this card is making wise decisions and thinking with an objective and level head.  This card is one of the three cardinal virtue cards of modern tarot, the other two being strength and temperance.

Reverse Meaning of Justice

When this card comes up in the reverse position it shows that your life is out of balance.  Issues with work, relationships, and money will soon spiral out of control if they haven’t already.    Another interpretation would be situations won’t go in your favor and you will be subject to dishonest or malicious justice.  You are subject to harsh treatment which is made worse by bad advice from someone you trust. Your truth will go unheard and it will be hard to bring people to your side.  If your intentions are pure it’s important to stay the course despite any current hardships.

Self Reflection

Justice is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • What is best for all involved?
  • Where am I over exerting myself?
  • How can I restore balance in my life?
  • Who do I owe an amends to?

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