The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings


6 is the number of The Lovers.  6 represents a deep sense of harmony and the nurturing aspects of motherhood.  This card embodies the harmonious nurturing qualities of a healthy relationship. A final note about the 6 is the potential for the nurturing aspect to begin to overstep boundaries.  When this happens the energy of the 6 becomes unevenly divided.


Our eyes are first drawn to the Archangel Raphael, the archangel of love and healing. His presence represents the spiritual wisdom and healing potential of love.  Next we see a tree behind both the man and the women both which represent each sex respectively.  Finally we see the serpent which is offering us the choice of virtue or vice.

Upright Meaning of the Lovers

While today, the lovers card is often a symbol of romance it traditionally it was representative of choosing one’s path. Like all other cards in Tarot the meaning of the lovers card depends upon the context in which it appears.  Regardless of the context the card denotes that choices made now will have a substantial impact upon your future. It’s a wise choice to really sit and consider the long term impact of your decision rather than reacting on emotions. However, the bottom line of the card is to follow your heart’s desire.

Reverse Meaning of the Lovers

The reversal of the Lovers Tarot card shows a disharmony in personal relationships and subconscious aspects of your personality entering into the situation.  If you’re about to make a big choice in life it is warning you that you are leaning away from the heart centered decision. Another interpretation of the card in this position is an imbalance, a betrayal or dishonesty.  In summary, the reversal of this card carries the same energy as 15 the Devil.

Self Reflection

The Lovers is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • Am I following my heart?
  • What are the long term effects of my choice?
  • How can maintain a sense of balance?
  • Who benefits most from the choice I’m going to make?

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