The Moon Tarot Card Meanings


18 is the number of the moon. 18 is a number that represents the need to develop a spiritual practice.  When the power and action of the number one combined with the strength and courage of the number eight they total the energy of the number nine.  The energy of the number represents introspection and self reflection. The energy of eighteen carries the same element but takes it on a higher plane. Here we are stepping off the beaten path and entering into the wild unknown of our minds.


We begin with the sun-moon, a symbol of our subconscious impacting the external or “solar world”.  Next we see the crayfish, a symbol of the primal self that is coming to the surface, like unresolved issues in our subconscious.  Now we come to the wolf and dog, they are the guardians of experience and they also represent a fear of the unknown. Another layer to the wolf and dog is that they show the wild and domesticated side of ourselves. Next we come to the watchtowers which are the gates of Hades, these are the boundaries between the conscious and unconscious self.  Finally, we come to the path, it’s long, winding and poorly lit, this is our journey into the unknown that can only be illuminated by our own enlightenment through self reflection.

Upright Meaning of The Moon

When the Moon Tarot Card is in the upright position it represents a crisis of faith and an emotionally turbulent time.  This card is showing you that you aren’t seeing the reality of the situation at hand, only smoke and mirrors. Now is the time to stop and really reflect on what is happening, are you listening to your intuition or your trauma.  While you may be looking at a problem from a logical standpoint this is the time for relying on your senses. Although it’s uncomfortable to walk blindly in the dark if you begin to apply a little faith your path will be illuminated.

Reverse Meaning of The Moon

When this card is reversed it’s time to figure out what you’ve been avoiding.  How can you ever expect to find some resolution without dealing with the problem at hand?  While it may seem hopeless and like you are doomed to perpetually repeat old patterns understand that you can overcome and outgrow them. Now is the time to stop, reflect, and ask for divine guidance.  If you are able to make time to listen and act upon those answers a path forward will be revealed.

Self Reflection

The Moon is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • What am I avoiding?
  • Where can I focus my attention?
  • How can I move forward?
  • Who can help me see this situation more clearly?

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