The Star Tarot Card Meanings


17 is the number of The Star. 17 is highly charged spiritual number.  The energy of the one is displayed in its purest form of purposeful power and action. When combined with the control and willpower of the seven it’s possible to receive the strength needed to achieve the change of the number eight. This is a number of taking action, determination, faith and doing the work despite not immediately seeing the results. When this number comes up it’s telling you to be strong great things are coming.


Naturally we begin with the stars which are symbols of hope and divine guidance. The 8 pointed star has many meanings but is often associated with Venus or Sirius and is a symbol of renewal. Next we come to the maiden an embodiment of eternal youth and the creative potential of the soul. Then we come to the bird, some believe it represents the Ibis, which is the symbol of the Egyptian god Thoth, the god of magic, writing, wisdom and the moon.  Finally we come to the flowing water, which symbolize resourcefulness and healing.

Upright Meaning of The Star

When The Start Tarot card is upright it a beacon of hope, a light in darkness.  Although things might be difficult we are asked to hold on a bit longer and trust that the universe will provide for us.  Now that we have this sign, it’s important that we honor it by having some faith that everything will be ok, we can relax. After we’ve relaxed our path will become more clear and we can allow divine guidance to take root.  We are being encouraged to listen to our intuition and follow it where it leads us, know that you are being taken on a divine journey.

Reverse Meaning of The Star

When reversed this card can show a lack of faith in your projects. You are being asked not to quit 5 minutes before the miracle.  Another key component of this reversal is getting too wrapped up in fantasy and not looking at the practical steps needed to achieve your goals.  An additional meaning is being lulled into a false sense of security in a project that isn’t rooted in reality. Finally, this card can just mean that you feel alone and unsupported.

Self Reflection

The Star is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • Where can I apply optimism?
  • Am I following my intuition?
  • How can I use faith?
  • Who can help me at this stage?

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