Strength Tarot Card Meanings

An Image of the Chariot with the following information: Key Meanings: Strength, Compassion, Persuasion, Force. Astrological sign or Planet: Leo. Leo is a spirited fire sign whose charisma can influence the whole room. Numerology: 8 is the number of balance. Here it represents balancing force with persuasion. Divination: With strength you can discover your purpose. Self Reflection: Where is fear holding me back? or Where can I apply a more subtle approach?


8 is the number of Strength.  8 is about balance and infinity.  When we think of balance we often think of the material realm but the balance of this number is in all aspects of the material and spiritual worlds. Our attempts at balancing will continue on for infinity but as we progress it becomes easier to find our center.  Consider the movement of a pendulum, initially it swings out wide but gradually it becomes more centered.


First we will look at the infinity symbol which is a symbol of balance, patience and consistency.  Next we adjust our eyes onto the lion, a symbol of power, courage and in alchemy, a symbol of base material that can potentially become gold. The garland of roses represents protection and civility while the white robe represents purity.

Upright Meaning of Strength

Strength is asking you to face your fears and begin to work towards your passions. This isn’t the time to act in haste but rather proceed with patience and clear plan.   It’s important that you have your wits about you in order to resolve the situation at hand. If you’ve been playing with an idea this card shows you refining it down to its purest essence.  While the original intent of the object remains all of the unnecessary elements are removed creating something of great value. This card can also show the integration of the masculine and feminine energies of the individual into a functional whole.

Reverse Meaning of Strength

When reversed, the Strength tarot card is trying to show that you’ve been avoiding your fears.  You could be avoiding risks, conflicts or making a critical decision. If you’ve been avoiding your intuition, you need to listen.  Otherwise your inaction might come back and bite you later on. When we are too patient, we become stagnant and this can have some heavy consequences.  While you might not like to face the music, you’ve got to fight your lion. In the end it might turn out to be a lamb.

Self Reflection

Strength is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • Where can you apply patience?
  • What are you trying to force?
  • How can you establish balance?
  • What do you need to face?

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