The Sun Tarot Card Meanings


19 is the number of the sun.  19 contains the root numbers and therefore all of their wisdom and experience. The number one contains the energy of power and the ability to take action on the introspective wisdom of the nine.  When these energies combine you get 10 which represents one’s destiny. In essence 19 represents the power and potential that exists after the dark night of the soul. Finally, this number represents the completion of a cycle.


We begin with the sun, a symbol of conscious, happiness and self expression.  The solar power of the sun shows energy and vitality. Next we move onto the child who is a symbol for fresh perspective, innocence, simplicity, purity and wholeness.  Now we look at the sunflowers which represent growth, beauty and strength. Another key aspect is the garden walls which is said to represent the boundaries necessary for a happy life.  Finally, we come to the white horse, a symbol for the human body.

Upright Meaning of The Sun

When the Sun tarot card is upright it represents achievement and success.  If you’ve been struggling lately know that the sun will be coming out soon.  This is a time for personal growth and enjoying the fruits of your labors. Now that you are at a state of completion you will feel a renewed sense of energy and an optimistic outlook on future endeavors.  This is a good time for creative pursuits, taking some calculated risk and exploring new horizons. When the sun comes up in a reading know that good things are on the way!

Reverse Meaning of The Sun

When this card is reversed it still holds much of the same message as the upright sun.  Depending upon the other cards around it could signify being overly optimistic and getting burnt out by spreading yourself too thin.  Another potential meaning of the reverse sun would be a delay in travel plans. However, despite these setbacks the present time will still be happy, full of growth and well deserved.

Self Reflection

The Sun is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • What am I grateful for?
  • Where do I hope go?
  • How far have I come?
  • Who has helped me achieve this?

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