Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

An Image of Temperance with the following information: Key Meanings: Moderation, Balance, Attunement Astrological sign or Planet: Sagittarius. Sagittarius are often viewed as thoughtful and kind to others. Numerology: 14 is the number of Temperance. 14 represents independence, justice and self initiative. Divination: You are guided to find peace. Self Reflection: Where have you been excessive lately? or What do you need in order to achieve balance?


14 is the number of Temperance.  14 embodies independence, unity, justice, stability and a self starting nature.  The 1 embodies the independence necessary for beginning alone, and the 4 embodies unity and stability. When you add the 1 and 4 together you get 5 which stands for both humanity and the desire for morality.  The general message of this number is to be strong and fair in your dealings with others.


First, we see the triangle in square, which represents the element of fire, the triangle, and earth, the square.  A.E.Waite said this symbol represents septenary, or the seven principles of man. Then we shift our focus to the cups which are the containers of our experience.  The flow of water between them represents the current moment. Next the dotted circle on the archangel’s head represents the sun and illumination. Finally, the archangel Michael, the protector-archangel who is responsible for cutting through fear and letting go of the past.

Upright Meaning of Temperance

When the Temperance tarot card comes up in a reading it often denotes dealing with a difficult situation.  It’s an important time to keep a cool head and gracefully navigate through whatever situation you are currently facing.  Now would be a good time to slow down and make sure your thoughts and actions align with your true values. Often times the resolution to whatever you are facing will come in the form of a compromise.  While this may not be what you want, keeping the peace and re-establishing harmony will have its rewards. Finally, this card can either be a sign that you are connecting with your angels and guides or sign to reach out to them.

Reverse Meaning of Temperance

When this card comes up in reverse it is telling you something is out of balance or that someone isn’t being fair.  Another key concept of this reversal is money issues. Regardless of the situation, Temperance in this position shows that the time and energy you pour into something aren’t being rewarded. While it’s time for a change your past is limiting your ability to move forward. Now is a good time to ask for help from your guides and angels because you can’t do this alone.

Self Reflection

Temperance is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • What is out of balance?
  • Where am I focusing my energy?
  • How can I make things right?
  • Who do I need to forgive to move forward?

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