The Tower Tarot Card Meanings

An Image of The Tower with the following information: Key Meanings: Ego, Destruction, Sudden Change, Awakening Astrological sign or Planet: Mars. Mars embodies a violent and fiery energy. Although this often brings destruction it also brings a breakthrough. Numerology: 16 is the number of the Tower. 16 can represent unhealthy demands and the lack of willpower leading to loss of control. Divination: Surrender Self Reflection: Where is my foundation weakening? or Where can I practice surrender?


16 is the number of the Tower.  While 16 is often viewed as the number of the wisdom seeker and teacher it can easily be corrupted.  When this occurs it is often from the energy of the one falling into ego. After the one falls into the ego it mistakenly takes chooses vice over in the 6.  These two energies add up to the darker side of 7 which is loss of control and lack of willpower. When the energy of the 16 is corrupted its best to let it fall and rebuild with stronger foundation.


First we start with the tower itself, it can represent society, protection and one’s ego.  Regardless of what it represents, something in your life is going through a sudden change. The falling figures are a symbol of humanity being at the whims of nature and a higher power.  Another key meaning of the falling people is the emotional, physical and financial upheaval of this collapse. Next we move on to the fire, a symbol of change, rebirth, and purification. After the fire we move on to the lightning bolt which represents enlightenment and purification.   Finally we come to the fallen crown which shows, humility through humiliation, we are reminded that our ego isn’t in control, we are at the mercy of forces far beyond ourselves.

Upright Meaning of The Tower

When upright this card is showing us a sudden change. Often times people view this as an external situation but every external situation has an internal cause.  The internal workings of this card shows a sudden shift in our perception of a situation. The energy of this card is the rock bottom and moment of clarity of an alcoholic or addict.  If we are able to surrender we will be given a fresh start. When we look back with humility we will see that what we had built was raised on a weak foundation. Now we have have the wisdom of lived experience and can avoid making the same mistakes in the future or at the very least minimize their impact.

Reverse Meaning of The Tower

When the Tower Tarot card is in the reverse position it has a few possible meanings. One potential meaning of this reversal is taking ownership for something you aren’t responsible for. Another possible meaning is holding on to something long after the expiration date.  Regardless of how this card is showing up in your life be aware that soon the facade will fall and you can’t escape the illumination of its collapse. It’s best to surrender to the truth of the situation now and plan your landing.

Self Reflection

The Tower is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • Where have I been avoiding the truth?
  • Am I investing my energy in a sustainable way?
  • How can I gracefully exit a bad situation?
  • Who am I placing too much trust in?

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