Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings


10 is the number of the Wheel of Fortune.  10 embodies a return to unity and those who went on this journey now possess great potential.  The rugged individualism of the 1 blends wonderfully with the open mind and unity of the 0 allowing an adept to continue learning beyond where most would stop.   Another way to consider the number 10 is an ambivert or one who thrives with periods of both isolation and socialization. What’s truly great is the 1 helps prevent 0 from herd mentality and the 0 prevents one from becoming overly self reliant.  Great things are about to unfold for you.


First we look at the wheel an Egyptian symbol for the sun.  Next we look at the wheel’s alchemical symbols. Starting at the top we have Mercury, on the right sulfur, water on the bottom and then salt on the left.  These elements are believed to be the secret ingredients for the philosopher’s stone. Moving on we see the serpent whom was said to represent the legendary serpent monster Typhon and the negative aspects of fate. Then we come to the angle and three animals which represent the four suits of the minor arcana, the four elements and the four fixed zodiac signs. Aquarius (the angel, air), Taurus (bull, earth), Scorpio (eagle, water), and Leo (lion, fire).

Upright Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune

The upright meaning of the Wheel of Fortune is infinite possibilities.  You are being invited to expect the unexpected and now is the time for unexpected calls, random positive occurrences and surprising new opportunities.  When you’ve been going through a rough time this card indicates things will be changing for the better soon. Another interpretation of this card in the upright position is the strengthening of your intuitive abilities. You can now use these abilities to your advantage and reap great rewards.  Other common meanings of this card include closer connection to family and friends, integrating light and dark aspects of ourselves and having faith that things will work out. 

Reverse Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune

When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed we can expect to suffer some bad luck.  Often times this isn’t a sign of major hardships but rather minor inconveniences.  On a positive note, during difficult times, this card represents that the worst of the challenges are over for now.  Another way to take this reversal is closure. All of the good aspects of this card are still on the table but will take longer to manifest.  Finally, this card can show a lack of confidence in your psychic abilities and a misguided way to develop spiritually.

Self Reflection

The Wheel of Fortune is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • What would help me the most right now?
  • Where can I put a little faith?
  • How can I pursue my passions?
  • Who can I reconnect with?

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