What hides beyond fear

Fear, the mind killer. However, there is something that remains hidden just beyond this fantasy in reverse. Few will ever seek what lies its depths. For those who do brave the frightening abyss of illusions a reward awaits.

What is fear?

I’ll save you all the hokey sayings and cut to the chase, fear isn’t real, it’s a perversion of your imagination. It’s the result of trauma, bad information, cultural conditioning, misinterpretation and sheer delusion. I’m not saying that it doesn’t have real consequences or shaming those who suffer from it. It’s part of the human condition and some warrior traditions went as far as to say only the foolish don’t have fear. However, most people confuse fear with danger. This is where we become paralyzed and our growth can stop.

Facing fears

So much of our life experience is dictated by what we tell ourselves. What i’m about to say shouldn’t shock you, we constantly reinforce our own fears. Now, you might want to start the shame game but hold that thought because that’s part of the problem. Instead of using energy to beat yourself up for being afraid, what if you asked yourself a few questions instead. (See the writing prompts at the bottom of the article for the questions)

A few quick tips for facing fear:

  • Face one fear at a time.
  • Start with little fears.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • It’s ok to ask for help.
  • You don’t have to be perfect at it.

The other side of fear

You’re afraid for a reason, there’s not really a need to face your fears… Is there? Nope, not at all…. Well, maybe one. Essentially everything you want out of life but haven’t gotten exists beyond fear. I notice so many people looking for purpose and the one thing I can tell them, without a doubt, is your purpose exists on the other side of your fear. For those seeking a healthy relationship, it’s on the other side of fear. I could keep coming up with examples but you get the point.

What is my nervous system trying to tell me?

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How this topic applies to me today

When the Devil card showed up for me tonight, I wasn’t surprised in the least. Fear isn’t the traditional meaning of the Devil card, but I was using the Wildwood tarot which calls the card the Guardian. Currently in my life, I’m having to face many fears around money and self sufficiency as I really step into my chosen path. It’s not the most pleasant time to be me especially when you factor in never facing self sufficiency as an adult without the use of drugs. The beauty of journaling in detail about these issues is I can realize that i’m wasting energy on what might happen instead of taking action to prevent it. Here’s a few fear based writing prompts for you.

Tarot journal prompts for you!

  • Where is fear holding you back?
  • What would your life be like without this fear?
  • How can look at this situation differently?
  • When has facing a fear worked out in your favor?
  • Who can help you work through this fear?

The original prompt was from the #tarotoftheunderworld challenge by instagram user @Wildsoulhealing

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