What is divination?

What is Divination?

Divination is an ancient practice of seeking knowledge of the future or unknown by supernatural means. It is something that appears in every culture throughout the ages stretching back to the dawn of man. Ancient esotericists hid much of divinations usefulness from the masses long ago.

The modern misconception

Most likely you or someone you know has relied upon some type of divination at some point in your life. Its various branches extend into so many areas of our modern psyche it is next to impossible to not have acted on some belief based on it. The issue that arises from it is the two dimensional approach to their answers.

Here’s an example question.

How does John feel about me?

When we ask a questions based upon how someone feels, we are operating under the assumption that someones feelings are static. Feelings change unless you’re dead or in denial. Most other questions in divination operate on a similar premise. While your mind might like static answers the world is dynamic and that makes it difficult to give you a fixed point.

My perspective on divination

When I give someone a tarot reading or offer another similar service I like to tell my clients ” this is showing you the most likely out come as things stand now. Do to freewill and other factors the answer to this question can change.”

Answering the question becomes easier when one understands it’s like predicting the weather. You can give an informed answer based upon the information available but the outcome can change based on unforeseen circumstances. Another possibility is the subtext of the answer.

Here’s an example.

Does John love me?

So, you could say yes and give a 2d answer but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Yes, he “loves you” in a sense but he also loves cocaine and hookers. It’s worth mentioning he likely isn’t going to divorce his wife to marry you.


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