What is drifting?

“What is Drifting?” I can recall asking that  when someone first mentioned drifting to me in January of 2018.  Since that initial exposure I’ve delved into the practice several times but pulled back due to some peculiar occurrences. Being that I’ve only seen maybe a post or two on the whole web mention this topic, I figured I should explain the concept so others can explore it. I’m going to touch on just the basic premise so you can flesh out your own personal experience.

What is drifting?

In short, drifting is akin to alert shamanic journeying in material reality.  To put it another way, it is an intentional attempt to explore the metaphysical roots of reality on a deeper level.  Many of us go through our day to life and have the occasional synchronicity materialize through the static. In my experience a drift shifts your attention towards the land of synchronicity, spirits and magic.

What is it supposed to accomplish?

On the whole, drifting is capable of bringing you closer to the answers you’re seeking, liberating you of tired routines, honing your intuition, aiding in the development of your gifts and deepening your relationship with the spirit world. In a word, expansion. Being that I just listed a list of tantalizing results many of you might be clamoring for evidence of my claims.

What’s your evidence for the effectiveness of drifting?

Due to the fact that drifting is a subjective experience, I have no evidence. Prior to my first time exploring this practice I wanted to keep a journal of the experiences. During the first experience it became obvious I could never adequately communicate the whole experience to another. The last time I drifted there were literally no words to communicate any of the experience besides I went for a walk and it changed my life.

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